Strange and Magical

July 28, 2018 § 2 Comments

Kodaikanal, India, c. 1936. (Unknown photographer)

Strange and Magical

This photograph of my mother Beatrice Florence Witter with her parents Ted Volney Witter and Mildred Nasmith Witter has followed me from home to home over the years, resting on my bedside table to remind me of my mother’s strange and magical childhood in rural South India (notice the topee in my mother’s hand).

As I prepare for my trip to India this winter, I am revisiting photographs, writing, and research from a sabbatical project in the fall of 2011. I will be posting material about my mother and her family these next few months before my travel begins.

§ 2 Responses to Strange and Magical

  • Erik says:

    Dear Martha, I read about you in the flag green. May I ask if you too were born and raised in India like most Kodai students? I also have such magical material as I grew up in India with such parents. Where can we read your India story? Thanks from Erik


    • Greetings, Erik! I was not born in India, though my mother and her three older sisters were born and raised in South India and they all attended Kodai School. This was my first visit to India and to KIS. What a magical time! I will be posting some of my writing here later so you can check back in a while. Thanks so much for your interest. What years were you at Kodai?


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