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Click on the link above (just below the photograph) to view a slideshow of photographs I have taken on Mount Desert Island and across northern New England over the past year and a half. Since moving to the small fishing village of Bernard (on Bass Harbor) in September 2016, I have been drawn to the edges of land and sea, and also to the movement of clouds, the shifting of the sky.

There is an unexpected shift. The clouds are moving, the trees are moving, the sky is moving. Clouds shift across the sky, cast themselves onto the land below…. Give me the invisible – the wind – written in the dancing of the land – the trees, the grasses, the fields, the marshes, the wild flowers. The shimmering leaves, the rustle of the earth, the swish of the wind through screens, this air that is moving, moving, on to someplace else.                                                                             

From the section “Moving” in my essay “The Words on My Back” in Off the Margins (2017)

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