Aphorism #4

November 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

Potts Harbor, Casco Bay
Potts Harbor, Casco Bay
Eighty-Mile Round, Kodaikanal, India
Eighty-Mile Round, Kodaikanal, India

Aphorism #4

Shoal or Shola: The only way through is through.

Potts Harbor, Casco Bay: “Chart image courtesy of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), used in accordance with their terms of permitted use. Altered and redistributed charts such as this should not be relied on for navigational purposes.”
NOAA Charts
Terms of Service

[I have swum many times across the shoals to Pinkham’s Island.]

Eighty-Mile Round: Kodaikanal and areas of the “Eighty-Mile Round” – Dindigul, India Topographic Map (compiled in 1954, printed in 1959). U.S. Army Map Service, Corps of Engineers. Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, the University of Texas at Austin.

[My mother Beatrice Florence Witter and grandfather Ted Volney Witter hiked the “Eighty-Mile Round” in 1939, before my mother left India for the last time in 1940. My mother noted in her Yale Review reminiscence that they “established a speed record through a leech shola.”]

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