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Diaries 1969-1970  (Martha Andrews Donovan)
Diaries 1969-1970
(Martha Andrews Donovan)


I believed in the firmness of the sky, the comfort of eleven-year-old skin, the hedges I refused to carry. And when the first horse I ever rode balked at the dead sheep that bled in my path, I held fast and did not let go. I saw a girl tremble with sunstroke as she was lifted in her chair and placed in a tub of ice, but I did not wish to be carried off to some stiller place and because I was young I believed I could choose it to be so. I asked a boy from France to dance with me, a boy who was shorter than I and who I could barely understand, except when he put his arms around my waist and I could feel his pulse beating beneath his skin. I rolled over in my kayak just to see what it felt like, over and over, and felt the longing in my lungs – a longing so simple I had to find my way to the surface.

Aphorism #2

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Mildred Nasmith Witter's diary, carved elephant (Photograph by Martha Andrews Donovan)
Mildred Nasmith Witter’s diary, carved elephant
(Photograph by Martha Andrews Donovan)

Aphorism #2

Remember (re-member) the skin, the bones, the once-pulsing life: breathe, breathe.

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